15.Apr.2013 User Error.

Just a quick post today to share my new and free to download DJ Mix, User Error. It’s 100% Glitch Hop style which was tough to mix since there are breaks all over the place :) . The playlist includes classics as well as some new comer tracks. I hope you will enjoy it!

Track List:

Synthetizer – Cryptex (Original Mix)
Hot Like Sauce – Pretty Lights (Rustified Remix)
The Walking Dead (Cryptex Reglitch)
Unusual Entities – The Digital Connection (Cryptex Reglitch)
Modern Friends – Alice And The Serial Numbers (Original Mix)
FunkWell – Vibesquad (Original MIx)
The Band In The Box – Alice And The Serial Numbers (Original Mix)
Need To Know – K+Lab (Blunt Instrument Remix)
Gramophone – Volatile Psycle, Charged (Original Mix)
Flying Spaghetti Monster – Doctor P (Original Mix)
Robo Booty – Opiuo (Original Mix)
Black Hole – William Breakspear, K+Lab (Original Mix)
W.O.P. – Rubber Headz (Original Mix)
Stayin’ Alive – The Bee Gees (K Theory & TYR remix)
Drop It – Jp.Moa (Original Mix)
Tribal trouble – Holygunner (Original Mix)
We Are One – Splitbreed, Pedboard Nerds (Original Mix)
KABOOM – Take Me Out (Original Mix)
One Two – Kairo Kingdom (Original Mix)
Los Angeles – Cold Blank (Pyramyth remix)
One Love – Minnesota (Original Mix)

If you are a podcast addict, here is the podcast page where you can download all the free mixes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/alice-and-the-serial-numbers/id634233911?mt=2

31.Jan.2013 Modern Friends, Service Lab, Intellivision…

Modern Friends

Hello all, it’s now time to post more cool tracks in the Glitch Hop area, again :) .
I myself, Alice, recently released 2 tracks and I wanted to share these with you in the blogosphere. The release is available on Beatport HERE. Your feedback is welcome since it’s my first official release in that genre. I had so much fun doing the artwork for that one! If you are an hard core gamer, you might notice similarities with Astro smash video game released in 1981. Included in this post a new kick ass discovery of last month, Service Lab. So here are the tracks, enjoy!

23.Aug.2012 We want more.

Quick middle of the week post, another Glitch Hop post, because I feel like we want more good Glitch Hop tracks since my last post. Here are some unavoidable classic tracks as well as new cool discoveries. Is it me or there are a lot of Glitch Hop producers located in Australia at the moment? You have my support. Enjoy!

P.s. Stay tuned, I will test drive iMaschine app on iPhone this week-end while going camping in the woods and I might actually attempt to post my review on this blog from the woods if there is 3G.

19.Aug.2012 Glitch Hop?!

I’ve been listening to that style of electronic music for a little while now, I dig it. And hey, even Beatport store added a new category for it! The only differences I can see between Glitch Hop and Dubstep is the beat, probably inspired from hip hop or breakbeat and there are more breaks in general in the arrangements… well let me know your opinion about it! I personally think it’s a very creative style of music. Also, a good place to discover good Glitch Hop producers would be to listen to that internet radio http://glitch.fm/

I would like to apologize, I usually try to post free downloadable tracks, but good glitch hop tracks are tough to find, feel free to send me good material!

18.Aug.2012 Robots and Chiptunes Friday!

It’s Friday and I feel like posting a bunch of free to download tracks with vocoding robot voices and chiptunes! Here I discovered new producers and remixers which I really liked: Daze, I’ve first heard his music in Rad Balls video game soundtrack, he is a true value. Dubmood with his remix of one of my favourite band of all time, Kraftwerk, well done. Henry Homesweet, very good chip tune artist with a cool Daft Punk remix. Anamanaguchi, well, another very good chip tune artist. And I slipped one of my unreleased remix I did last year, it’s a bit outdated, but hey, listen to it and let me know what you think :)

I hope you have a good one!