10.Jun.2011 Summer Time! Free Tracks time!

ice cream

It’s now summer time in Canada (with some rain though) and it was a long wait I can tell you :( . So here are some free tracks for you to download, it’s been a long time I’ve posted some I know! But it was worth the wait! First one is from 1ino1eum, I like all his remixes, period, nothing else to say. Then Karasho, you might know him already, this is a crazy talented but also masked guy from Italy, very filthy music. We also have a track from Controls, a talented guy who released his track Higher on Tasty Bytes records, he’s wearing a mask too, a plug mask. I didn’t know about The E-Jokes, but now I like it! And we have an Aleksander Grudniewski track, I’ve discovered him with his famous track Assassin In My Fridge on Ventuno records a couple of months ago, good stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy all these cool tracks! Feel free to listen to it with some ice cream:P.

You Killing Me – Renaissance (1ino1eum Holy Remix) by 1ino1eum


Controls & Skrillex(kinda) – Chicken Ting by Controls

Chris Brown Ft. Benny Benassi – Beautiful People(The E-Jokes Bootleg) by The E-Jokes

Binkers – Do It Right (Calvertron’s 59 Fifty Remix / Al Grudniewski Edit) by Aleksander Grudniewski

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