13.Aug.2012 So What’cha Waaaaaaant?

Wow, sorry for not posting over the last months! I got caught with lot of work to do… Since I usually blog free tracks to download, here is a bootleg remix I did a month ago. I need to give you some context about it. I went on a week-end trip to New York city, I really needed to get the f out of Montreal (that’s where I live at the moment) and change air. But then, all my friends were busy and couldn’t come with me! Oh nooooo!!!! So I found a solution: I decided to follow a workshop at a music school in Manhattan (www.dubspot.com). Easy stuff, I would visit de city during day light and after dinner, I would go to the workshop and have fun with other Djs and producers. So that trip was awesome, what was really awesome is the teacher of the workshop, cool dude from Brooklyn who showed us his hip hop techniques while showing tips with the tools. He told us how important the 808 kick was important in the old school hip hop culture, also told about New York city hip hop history, Wu Tang Clan, Beastie Boys… It was very interested. Then after 2 days of work shop I came back home all inspired and did that track, enjoy!

P.s. My server got hacked recently and I’ve lost some files in the process, that explains the images and links that are missing on alldressedatmaximumvolume.com, my apologies, I will work on it over the next days.

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