16.Aug.2012 Zombies, run!

I just tried that app for iPhone, it’s called ¨Zombies, run!¨ an ultra immersive running game and audio adventure. I’ve played with it for 20 minutes or so while jogging in the park by night and it was really fun, I have to admit that it added some creepy ambiences to my work out! My only little complaint  would be that sometimes, there is a robot voice that sounds like text to speech playing to tell you what to do during the mission, and I could’t hear it properly because it was playing at the same time than my playlist. Outside of that issue, I really appreciate that playlist feature, it’s a nice addition to the game. Oh and also the zombie indicator sound is a cool stress factor that enhance your jogging performance!

Bottom line: I will continue to play in my next jogging session, I recommend it! :) .

Here are some links:

IMPORTANT: You will need some music, because it’s using your playlist throughout the game, so here is (of course hehehe) a track of Zombie Nation, that I just discovered today even if it’s been out for a while now. The soundcloud download link doesn’t work anymore, because of too many downloads I suspect, but here is another track that I discovered as well while doing some zombie music searching, this young man called Zombie Blood Party, is giving his good remixes for free. Enjoy!

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