17.Aug.2012 Rad Balls

It’s been a while that I’m playing that cool little game on my iPhone. A co-worker told me to try it, because he thought I would like it since it’s electro music… he was right! The music is so great, so fresh, sometimes I play just to hear the songs. The graphics are nice too, to me, it looks like Bejeweled, but better :) . They call it an arcade puzzler that moves with the music. Surprisingly, I’ve discovered these producers that I didn’t know before: Neil Voss, Com Truise, Misfit Chris, Daze and Dubmood. Maybe there are others who participated to the soundtrack, but these are the tracks I found while searching some info about Rad Balls music. It’s pretty much chip tunes electro music style, very well done, congrats! Please support these guys.

Official website of the game: http://radballsthegame.com

This one is free download!

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